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MTA:SA Test Builds

All builds listed here were provided by TravisCI and AppVeyor. You can help out by testing the builds listed below!

If you're looking for a stable build, please navigate to www.mtasa.com.

feature/custom-ifp-animations 2

Hash Title Date Download
ae72bbc Make custom animations work with the EU ... 16-06-18 17:41 UTC Downloadcall_received
432344f Fix source formatting in CMultiplayerSA ... 16-06-18 14:44 UTC Downloadcall_received

feature/custom-ifp-anims 2

Hash Title Date Download
9f7117f Update CEF to 3282.1741.gcd94615 (Chromi... 07-06-18 07:30 UTC Downloadcall_received
fb55be3 Change Lua File class based on PR #161 ... 07-06-18 07:28 UTC Downloadcall_received

feature/test-branch 1

Hash Title Date Download
8e1ca4e Added exe name variant to the installer 06-04-18 20:33 UTC Downloadcall_received